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    July 2018 issue - Education for All


    There are numerous organizations that do educational initiatives these days. With volunteers and...


    China has experienced the world’s fastest economic growth over the past 30 years with growth rates averaging at 10% per year...

    Illiteracy was declared as one of the key enemies of development by Kenya’s first president Jomo Kenyatta when the country regained independence from colonial rule in 1963...

    Every person dreams of achieving his or her own goals. Every goal requires some fundamental...

    Myanmar was once under military rule for 20 years. The country has gone through several crises...

    Schooling plays a big role in shaping a child’s life. The moment a child is born, the parents...

    From a low-income community of Pune, India to the United World College of Adriatic, Italy and now...

    Within 10 minutes, with his brightened smile, Ayman Sadiq seems to teleport among the lives of...

    Nine year old Raju stopped attending school because his classroom education was engaging. His...

    Millions of poor people do not have access to basic education. Moreover, poor people with...

  • founder's note

    Dear Readers,

    Education has always been very close to my heart as I personally believed that it can uplift and empower lives. But let's be honest, most of the institution that are present today are very much systematic that sometimes you question its effectivity especially in terms of inclusivity. What about those persons with disabilities? Those who are socio-economically challenged? Not all students can grasp what is presented at schools today. That is a fact.


    But there is hope. A lot of passionate people saw these problems and right now they are willingly devoting their time to address these problems.


    In this July 2018 issue of Change Magazine, we bring you stories of amazing initiatives around the globe, fighting against all odds to make an impact not just for the many but for all. We hope you get inspired and in a way, look at education in a holistic and inclusive way.


    Lastly, thank you for your constant support with our cause at Change Mag and Diinsider. If you are not familiar with us yet, we welcome you with a tight hug! Be sure to get to know us soon! I'm telling you, we are definitely fun and inspiring to be with. ;)


    Enjoy reading!





    Gladys Llanes

    Editor-in-chief, Change Magazine

    Co-founder, Diinsider

  • Change Magazine's Global Correspondents 4th Cohort 2018

    We empower writers around the globe to bring stories of grassroots initiative and innovation.

    Anika Tabasum Barsha is a third year undergrad student; studying in Development Studies at Bangladesh University of Professionals. She is from Bangladesh; working as a Senior Committee Member in JAAGO Foundation for community development. Singing, reading books and traveling around the country are the top of her lists when it comes to spending her spare time.

    Anika Tasnim Nishat is a 3rd year undergrad 

    studying Development Studies at Bangladesh University of Professionals; currently working as a committee member at JAAGO Foundation which works for the betterment of people living below poverty line. Previously worked as a global volunteer at Save the Children. Besides all, she’s passionate about capturing beautiful moments through her photography skills, enjoys traveling around and gets pleasure in helping people who are in need.

    Anisha Hassan is a senior at North South University, currently majoring in Economics and Finance. She also writes for the newspaper The Daily Star on Tuesdays. Reading magazines and indulging in crime series is what she does in her free time, as well as dwelling on bands and pop music.

    Anya Jia is a first year graduate student at Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, where she is studying business for social impact and strategic management. Prior to Fletcher, she had 2-year product management experience in the technology industry. Outside of work and study, she loves traveling, exploring new cuisines, playing sports, and reading histories.

    Ayesha Binte Towhid is currently pursuing her Master's degree at the Department of International Relations, Jahangirnagar University, Bangladesh. She is a feature writer and the founder of a youth-led non-profit organization, Ongkuron. Apart from discussing global politics and women's right issues, she loves sports and travelling. On days when she is not racing to finish articles, she is seen baking cakes or strength training.

    Eric Kimori is the founder and Executive Director of Complitkenya, a charity organization empowering communities in rural Kenya through technology enabled learning. He has a Diploma in Broadcast Journalism from Kenya Institute of Mass Communication and two other diplomas in Projects Management and Theology, as well as several certificates in various disciplines. He is also an alumni of Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI), East Africa Regional Leadership Centre at Kenyatta University in Nairobi which is a leadership training and mentorship programme.

    Ishrar Tabenda Hasan is a recent graduate on BS in Economics & International Business, with a prominent Undergrad research on her social business mantra; An XX Conundrum: An empowerment quandary for the females behind three wheels. She likes to call herself as the upholder of the fallen warriors. Apart from being a feminist, she always likes to help the community through her writing and compassion and often compel herself to follow strenuously, the passion of never

    giving up.

    Kyaw Zin is a student at Technological University in Myanmar. He is 20 years old, interested in business management, marketing management and entrepreneurship. He is passionate to develop the business ecosystem in developing countries and to communicate broadly with different people.

    Nkiruka Rosemary Iwu is a graduate of Business Administration from the University of Lagos, Nigeria. She also has a Masters degree in Public and International Affairs from the same university. I work as a Supervisor for Zinsonic Nigeria Limited, a Table Water Production Company. She worked as Diinsider's social media manager for five months.

    Sazidul Islam completed his graduation/degree major in Library and Information Science from School of Arts in University of Dhaka. He wanted to work in the field of development so he can create an impact to others. Currently, he is supporting the Protection unit at UNHCR Dhaka Office as an Intern. Apart from his work, he loves to travel around, meeting new people, and reading books.

    Yee Thu Aung is a 20 years old final year International Relations

    major student from University of Yangon, Myanmar . She has been participating in several youth activities both locally and internationally. She also worked with some educational start-ups in making platforms for social impacts.

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