Are you interested in “bottom of pyramid” (BOP) market/ Emerging market?

    Are you skilled at info searching and seeking positions in marketing?


    We are looking for you!


    Please carefully read the below job description, including education and certification requirements, job responsibilities, and compensation.


    A. The market assistants are expected to collect information in one of the below countries/region

    1. Cambodia & Laos & Myanmar;
    2. India
    3. Bangladesh & Nepal & Pakistan
    4. Thailand & Vietnam
    5. Kenya & Nigeria


    B. Job responsibilities:

    1. You are expected to collect information of 500 NGOs and 1500 community
    enterprises in your chosen area. The information includes name of organization,
    introduction, contact information and sector.

    2. You are expected to finish the work within 3 months.

    3. You can search for information from the sources we provide or your own

    4. You need to collect data correctly and it will approximately take your around
    one hour a day.


    C. Education Requirements

    Typically, market assistant will have a bachelor's degree in one of the following fields: marketing, market research, statistics, computer science,
    social sciences, business administration, or communications. But if you are good at information searching or you are familiar with NGOs and social enterprises, we will also consider.


    D. Compensation

    Once you finished the work and the quality is ensured, you will get paid for 100 USD.


    To apply, please send your resume to lab@diinsider.com

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