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Missing Child Alert: Combating trafficking with power of technology

Human trafficking is one of the most heinous crimes against humanity. Women and children in Bangladesh are the most affected being trafficked mainly to India and Nepal. Prevention, protection, rescue, repatriation, rehabilitation and reintegration are the major element to address the trafficking issues. Repatriation of the rescued victims to the home country is a crucial component. After rescue, the survivors’ repatriation to the destination country takes a long time due to manual and uncoordinated cross border documentation system.

Photo Credit: Missing Child Alert Project, Dnet

Missing Child Alert (MCA) is a global initiative, aims to respond to the grave issue of child trafficking and its close link with the intrinsic issue of ‘missing children’ in South Asia. MCA is a unique intervention that encompasses the entire scope for addressing the trafficking issue, i.e. protection, prevention, rescue, return, rehabilitation and re-integration of the victims of trafficking. Therefore, it protects and prevent of vulnerable communities at source and probable victims while in transition also the rescue, return, rehabilitation and re-integration of the victims of trafficking. Also it ensures that the intervention leads to a logical goal by advocating legal and policy reforms.

Photo: Regional partners of Missing Child Alert Project

MCA is being implemented in Bangladesh, India and Nepal. Dnet is playing the regional role of System Integrator for MCA initiative. Dnet is designed a blueprint for a technology based Missing Child Alert and Response system in Bangladesh linked with India and Nepal which focuses on tracing and rescue of missing children. It has developed collaborative tools for all regional actors, uniform case management tool for rescued victims to enhance coordination and quality of services provided, and a knowledge repository on the issue of missing children and counter trafficking. Globally, this initiative is leading by Plan International and SAIEVAC (South Asia Initiative to End Violence against Children) with financial support from Post Code Loterij of the Netherlands.

Repatriation Information Management System (RIMS) solution

Dnet as regional partner of Missing Child Alert (MCA) developed a web based cross border Repatriation Information Management System (RIMS) to facilitate the responsibilities of state and non-state actors in repatriation process of a victim. It is a web based system to bring the cross border state and non-state actors together in repatriation process. It provides cross border uniformity in information records and management, real-time tracking of cases and auto notifications on every end data transactions. It aids to store data over the time for evidence, data analytics to reduce bottlenecks and coordinated cross border repatriation management decisions. It is also providing knowledge and skills to state and non-state actors in Bangladesh, India and Nepal for effective utilization of RIMS solutions.

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