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  • founder's note

    Dear Readers,

    We often hear the saying “The youth is our future” and this optimistic view of the youth makes all of us hopeful that there will be a bright future. But as a young person myself, living in this world right now, I think having the mentality that we are the future is not enough anymore. I think having the mentality of being the “now”, being part of the solution for the present day is what is needed right now.


    Having surrounded and connected with inspiring young people these days makes me think that we really are capable to change the world right now especially the fact that there are a lot of opportunities for skills and knowledge improvement present today. The freshness and innovative ideas of the youth should be the key indicator that we should take part of the decision making, program designs, project incubation, and social solutions. We should be empowered enough to stand up and be the voice.


    This issue of Change Mag brings you different youth-led social innovations and programs that are successful and are not just predicted to work in the future but are already creating change now. I hope this inspires you, whatever generation you belong, to work towards building a peaceful, sustainable “now”.


    To the youth, unleash your power and show the world that we are not just better for the future but we are also better for the now.




    Gladys Llanes

    Co-founder, Diinsider

    Editor-in-chief, CHANGE


    Inspiration Wall QUIZ

    So you finally decided to extend your helping hands to others.That's great news! Did you decide what cause you wanted to support?
    If not yet, take this quick quiz from Quibblo.com. It might help you get perspective on what volunteer work you would most enjoy doing.

    1. If you could only save one thing, what would it be?


    A. A homeless puppy


    B. A 500-year-old tree that people want to cut down


    C. A starving person


    D.A great charity that's going out of business

    4. You're on a graduation trip to Africa! On your free day, you can be found-


    A.On a safari, watching exotic animals. So, fascinating!


    B. On a rainforest tour


    C. In a village, helping people with their daily needs


    D. Hanging with the kids in a nearby village

    2. Which of these would make you the most angry?


    A. Someone abusing their pet


    B.Someone throwing trash all over the parking lot and not caring


    C. A billionaire refusing to give a dollar to a homeless man on the street begging for money


    D. Someone telling me that my passion is stupid

    5. A great trip would be-


    A. A zoo or a wildlife center


    B. A nature walk


    C. Tour new Orleans, then help rebuild cities still destroyed from Hurricane Katrina


    D. Some place related to my personal hobbies

    3. What bugs you the most about the world today?


    A. Animal cruelty


    B. Global Warming


    C.Normal people like us who never get the opportunity to try so many beneficial things


    D. The starving kids around the world

    6. Which of these chores doesn't seem like a chores to you?


    A. Walking the dog


    B. Gardening


    C. Cooking


    D. Babysitting my little sibs


    Animal Hero

    Mostly A

    You’re a real animal lover and love spending time with your furry friends!



    -Volunteer to take care of animals at a local animal shelter

    -Run a pet sitting business and pet-sit neighbors’ animals

    The Earthling

    Mostly B

    You care deeply about the environment. Help it out and make a difference!



    -Inform people about global warming and what they can do to stop it.

    -Hold a tree-planting party with your friends and neighbors!

    Hunger and Poverty Warrior​

    Mostly C

    Extreme poverty seems unfair to you. You think everyone has the right to a comfortable life!



    -Volunteer at organizations that have the same vision as you have.

    -Hold a fun fundraiser, then donate the money to an organization that helps fight against world poverty and malnutrition

    Kiddie Lover

    Mostly D

    You love little kids, and love sharing your personal interests with other people.



    -Start a weekend or summer program at a library, youth center, or school for kids. Hold workshops about things you like.

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