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  • Our Mission

    CHANGE Magazine works to promote grassroots innovations that have the potential to inspire many organizations and young changemakers who have been directly involved in work at the grassroots level, and empower them to take effective actions with sustainable and scalable models.


    Our founding team combines intensive grassroots experiences with cross-sector skills and global perspective. We are all social entrepreneurs dedicated to creating changes in the grassroots level, however when we started, we could not see a single platform that can empower our work with both inspirations and in-depth analysis. So we created one.

    Grassroots oriented

    In Emerging Markets

    Our founding team has over 15 years combined experiences in the grassroots level, with close connections to grassroots organizations and people. We consider grassroots as the engine of innovations that will benefit the global society.

    Social impacts focused

    With potential to scale up

    We actively identify social innovations with strategic thinking and practical actions, and provide in-depth analysis on their operation and financial model, to enable expansion of social impacts.

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    Change Magazine Open Competition for Girls Education

    Zaynab, 17 years old, has experienced three wars consecutively in Egypt, Yemen and Somalia. She is out of school for 2 years already. The ratio of girls finishing elementary education is much lower than those places with peace. How do we promote girls education when peace is absent?

    (Source: GEM report, June 2015)

    When the 14-year-old Najla got married, she felt her dream to pursue higher education has slipped away. She fled out of home with her wedding dress and turned homeless. Early marriage often stopped girls from finishing their education and unleash the potentials they have. Girls who have finished their elementary education are 64% less possible to have early marriage than those not. Secondary education can also prevent early pregnancy.

    (Source: Malala Fund)


    Emelin was born in a small village of Guatemala. She could not believe that in her hometown, a 18-year-old girl is more likely to have a baby than a hgh school diploma. Comparatively, girls without proper education are more vulnerable to sexually transmitted diseases, early pregnancy and other health problems. If all the girls receive at least 12-year education, then the chance of early birth would drop by 59%, and child mortality rate will decrease by 49%.

    (Source: Malala Fund)


    Zainab earns 20 Indian Rupees everyday working to stitch footballs, she wants to accomplish her study and make more money for the family. In less developed countries without restriction on child labor, parents usually require their daughters to work instead of going to school.


    Globally, 130 million girls cannot finish their elementary education. Their educational opportunities are affected by conflict, early marriage, child labor and many other factors. They are more likely to drop out of school than boys. It is the challenge of our era and one of the most important agendas to come up with effective and sustainable models to provide education opportunities for these 130 million girls.

    As a result, Change Magazine will focus on the solutions of this challenge in September.

    In order to collect good cases and ideas, we are opening to competition for articles

    on girls education.

    Theme: how to provide high quality elementary education for girls in less developed regions?


    Language: English


    Prize: 200 USD for best article, admission into Change Magazine September volume for top 3 articles


    Benefits: All the submitted articles can propose a project they are working on related to girls education, and have the chance to join our partnership network after Diinsider’s review, and enjoy Diinsider’s future priority support. Startup projects are especially welcomed.


    General Criteria of the selection

    Comprehensiveness: to what extent the article clearly describes a development challenge, the solution to the challenge, the business and operational model, the resources mobilized, the success and failure, etc?

    Scalability: to what extent the article illustrate how to turn global innovations to local impact in a specific setting in developing countries?

    Sustainability: to what extent the article discusses the operational and financial sustainability of a particular initiative?

    Richness in resources and knowledge: to what extent the article is practical and resourceful for young people in developing countries?

    Quality of writing: to what extent the article is well written and edited with little errors, and interesting enough to read?

    Visualization: to what extent the article has good visualization tools, such as attractive photos, videos, etc?


    Deadline: September 5, 2017


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