• founder's note

    Hello there changemakers!

    The first thing that you might want to ask us right now is that why did we decide not to make the "e-magazine type" you were used to before, am I right?


    There is only one answer to that. CHANGE.


    This month, we bring you lots for changes starting from making this website the official monthly Change Magazine. All the contents that you love (and more upcoming contents) will be on this website monthly, with different exciting themes. I am responsible for this big changes as I myself is undergoing a lot of changes in my life right now starting from being a full-time Change Mag editor-in-chief this year. So, I promise you with more great contents this year!


    You might still be wondering whether we will publish the e-magazine you have grown to love and to answer that, yes we will and we will publish it twice a year. To top that it will not only just an e-mag but we are planning to publish it offline too! Isn't that exciting?


    Anyway, about our theme this month, I wanted to start off this new changes by going back to the most important thing on earth, the environment. Innovation is a big concept these days and powerful people are picking it up wrongly, destroying our environment to use for their advantage; to gain power and to gain money. The result? Now we have global warming, climate change, and worst - poverty. You see, it is not okay to destroy our environment. We need to accept the fact that nature will always be bigger than mankind and it will get back to us sooner or later. Most importantly, we need to acknowledge that the concept of progress and development that we know for years, which basically is destroying nature, has always been the wrong way. But there's always hope.


    This month, we bring you stories of innovation that not only advocate towards a green, healthy environment but also drive towards development and progress. In this edition we hope to make you realized that progress can really be done without harming nature. Most importantly it can be done from and with the grassroots level, the bottom of the pyramid and up.


    We are hopeful that initiatives and innovations for the grassroots and the environment will be the future. These stories are just a few of the many initiatives out there. We hope to inspire you to do your share in making more efforts for the future.


    Scroll down and enjoy reading!




    Gladys Llanes

    Editor-in-chief, Change Magazine

    Co-founder, Diinsider

  • Inspiration wall

    Are you running out of ideas on what to do on your spare time? Don't worry, we are here to fix that up!

    Here are our top suggestions that will definitely make your spare time, a productive one.


    This movie is very timely to watch. A perfect reminder

    that the environment need us now more that ever.

    You'll never look trees the

    same way again after reading

    this book.

    Grow a Plant

    A relaxing and eco-friendly hobby that's a must-try.

    Go Hiking

    Unwind your mind by getting close to nature.

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    As part of Diinsider LAB, once registered on our platform and approved by Diinsider, small and medium social impact organizations can seek information and support they are looking for. Diinsider provides them with information and opportunities regarding branding, partnerships, human resources, impact investing, etc. At the same time for impact investors once registered and approved, we can work closely on searching for the right organizations for you and we will help build partnerships and create strong strategies between you and your perfectly matched impact organization.

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